About us

Who We Are

Welcome to Show Your Africa!  

At Show Your Africa, we understand the power of roots in growth. We acknowledge and celebrate roots and nurture, as well, the stems and veins of cultural circulations. To cultivate the African design industry globally, Show Your Africa provides a platform through which designers of African art can realize the rewards of their creativity. 

By instituting unparalleled partnerships, Show Your Africa curates a wealth of collectibles from various Africa inflected talents across the globe and brings their unique products to the market. We pursue genuinely peculiar designs, we seek unique uses of colors and creativity. Our products, made of premium materials, cut across arts, crafts, sewing, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home, decor and many more.  

Every purchase made extends a helping hand towards those in need by profitably empowering the artisans and the charities we support.   

Let's do this!  

Our vision is to enrich the lives of everyone across the globe, by affording them the opportunity to embrace, imbibe, and enjoy products of African creativity from across the globe.


Our Mission

Show Your Africa is your destination for premium items inspired by the African imagination. Our mission is to make available, items sourced and handmade locally from across the African world.

WHat we do

Our Values


We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in the products and services we provide for our customers. We take pride in our ability to promote African engagements with global cultural and artistic traffics. 


We are committed to transparency by ensuring the ingenuity of all our products. We offer African-inspired items, which are made from premium raw materials by the best talents across the globe. 


We aim to provide the opportunity to help creative talents along their way. By donating to charitable cause, we extend a helping hand to the needy, with every purchase made. 

Customer Oriented  

The customer is always king, every customer is our focus. We strive to always do what is right for them. We seek to provide value and leave them constantly satisfied. 


Crafted by the artisans who embody the African spirit, our handmade collections are a skillful representation of genuine African art and culture.

We source authentic goods to bring you the true African experience..

Our natural hand-dyed collection is made from natural dyes that are created from locally grown African foods such as onions, cactus, and kolanut.