When I learned that the supporting Cathedral for a small-town church clinic had made the decision to end their financial assistance, my heart sank. As a young child, I attended that small-town church a few times a year, mostly during festive seasons. I vividly remember those visits and how much the church clinic meant to the community.
My mother, alongside other medical professional and volunteers, would cheerfully offer her expertise as a nurse during each visit. They provided basic health education, preventative care, and dispensed much needed supplements to the church members and residents in the area. Over time, Our Saviour's Anglican Church clinic in Ikija-Ijebu, Ogun State, became a trusted health care resource.
The loss of support meant the lack of funds to continue running the clinic. The idea of an elderly woman or a young child lacking access to much needed care and supplements was so troubling that I decided to do something. In communities like that, a little goes a long way! I realized that with a day’s wage, we could purchase enough vitamins to support the volunteers' efforts throughout a clinic day during which they would attend to as much as 75 patients.
In spring 2018, Vitamins Ahead was born and is now funded by Show Your Africa™, a company that already extends a helping hand towards those in need by profitably empowering their artisans. It is my dream that one day can Vitamins Ahead™ will support numerous efforts like the one at Our Saviour’s Anglican church. Every purchase you make on showyourafrica.com™ helps contribute towards improving lives and helps us get closer to our mission.

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Ronke Osibajo
Founder, Vitamins Ahead™