4 Ways to Show Versatility of African Art & Culture

Africa is home to diverse cultures which pride beautifully in their different ethnicities. Although distinct, they share many similarities. The African culture stands strong to depict core values like love, respect, positivity, and a deep sense of community. These values are prominently expressed in the African way of life, particularly in arts and crafts. While every item that comes from the continent is a bold expression of its roots, it can be adapted to fit many lifestyles. Here are some great ways to uniquely express your roots and artistic mind.

1. Fashion

African fabrics, including Ankara, Mud Cloth, and Batik, have inspired recent evolution in the fashion world. Show Your Africa offers a beautiful array of made-in-Africa jumpsuits, dresses, and blouses with just enough zing. They are perfectly suited for work, casual days, and events. Now, you have no excuse not to be a part of the African experience.

2. Jewelry

Traditional African fashion originally permitted adornment and that lifestyle continues to live on. Sometimes, putting together a nice outfit isn’t enough. For both men and women, classy accessories are a must to grace your look. A wide collection of African-inspired adornments such as bracelets and wood watches are available at Show Your Africa. Jewelry pieces also make great gifts. Create an impression in the hearts of your loved ones today!

3. Artwork

African artwork is a true reflection of heritage and pride. They are easily recognized by their color palette and the unique shapes they feature. Today, they are available in a variety of forms, including canvas and framed canvas which are both available at Show Your Africa. They give a unique decorative touch to homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants.

4. Interior Décor

The trending African-inspired décor is exciting! Colorful wall art, batik table linen, and wax print throw pillows are items springing up in homes and offices. They are all reminiscent of the true nature of the African spirit and so very beautiful? Looking for one? Not to worry, Show Your Africa has got you covered.

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