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Akija™ Stripes Batik Bandana Face Cover

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With the CDC recommending cloth face covers, you can easily make one for yourself. No sewing is required. Our beautiful and rich-colored 100% cotton hand-made batik bandana can be folded and used as a face cover, neckerchief, or yes - a bandana! You'll surely enjoy its versatility and comfort. 

Crafted by artisans in the Adire capital of Nigeria, our Motherland Expressions™ batik fabric is handmade using resist dyeing techniques passed down from generation to generation in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

We are proud to bring you authentic pieces that speak to your style and heritage.

Approximate Dimensions: 20" x 20"

Color: Multi

Material: Cotton Polyester Blend

Please note this is not a medical-grade product. It is intended for adult use only.

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